Text písně "In 3 seconds"

1. listopadu 2008 v 18:00 | Arianus
Beware of me
I drew out my quill, I'm ready to use it
Beware of me
I drew dark lines on paper, count until 3
Beware of me
I drew out my quill, I'm ready to use it
Beware of me
Cause in 3 seconds, I'll burn you down


My words are more agressive than your stupid failed attempts
You're playing on a battleground made for children
I don't care what you're saying about me
Cuz I've nothing to prove, I've been fighting for so many years
You even can't imagine what I've known in the past
Fake profiles are cheap materials compared to that
You want to make fun of my hair ?
Do you think it's hurting me ?
You have way too much trust in yourself !!

Text písně "Vampire Kiss"

1. listopadu 2008 v 12:00 | Arianus
Love me like you could hate me
Take my skin under your lips
Drink my blood slowly
Let me vampirize you

I drown my fangs under your flesh
Explore your body inside
With my tongue I eviscerate your naked mind
And sated, embrace your fallen heart

I whisper to your ears words of another age
In a language you don't understand
They seem to be the prettiest adage
But are only seduction and divine poison

My vampire kiss

Love me like you could hate me
Let my hand lies on your hips
Drink my blood sweetie
Let me vampirize you

My soul is a solitary grave
Without you only the cold stays inside
You're the only one able to save
Me from this pain I had to hide

I spread my wings above your head
And around us now there's nothing except light
Feeling my fingertips caressing your veins
And breathe into your arms

My vampire kiss

Text písně "No Escape"

1. listopadu 2008 v 10:00 | Arianus
The night for landscape, a stroke of fate
That turned me into an undead

No way to sedate, this hunger yet
I can't fight against it, there's no way to sate it

You're right to disquiet
You're the next I'll infect
I don't care about your arguments
There's no way to escape
Oh cry, shout, I'll eat you alive
Nothing will save you from my attack.

Vampire Kiss EP

8. dubna 2008 v 11:23 | Arianus
Vampire Kiss EP1) Wake Up You're Dead (The Black Window Complex cover final version)
2) Vampire Kiss
3) FCKM3
4) Prizoners (VR-Z old cover)